Gold and Diamond Mail In Kit- Only Pay $7.95 Shipping Charges


At The Gold & Diamond Source, we not only sell jewelry, but we also buy jewelry, too. We purchase a variety of items from our customers, who can free up space while making a little extra money. You may want to get rid of broken or unused jewelry pieces yet not have time to come into the store to drop them off. That’s why we created the convenient Gold and Diamond Kit program to our customers around the country.  

Our Gold and Diamond Kit, less $7.95 shipping charges, allows you to have your pieces of jewelry appraised without ever leaving your home. When you can request one of our kits, it is mailed directly to your home, whether you live in Florida or anywhere else in the United States. We understand that everyone wants the best offer for their fine jewelry pieces. Therefore, we promise to pay top dollar when you send your unused jewelry to The Gold & Diamond Source.

Our kit is easy to use. Simply add to your cart and check out. Within a few days, you will receive an insured, pre-paid envelope. Place your items inside and seal the envelope. Then, drop the envelope in your mailbox or the post office. Once we receive your kit, we will appraise the items, email you or call you an offer, and send your check out the next day if you are happy with the offer. This program ensures that you are offered the best prices for your gold and diamonds and receive money for your unwanted items. It’s that simple!

Click here to read our Gold and Diamond Kit frequently asked questions and terms & conditions.

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